Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Aarohi turns 4 Months !!!


From where did you come my daughter dear?
You fell from heaven through the stardust
Into my world awaiting God’s gift.

Where did you get those precious little ears?
A meadow lark song filled morning's first light
To welcome you to God's exquisite creation.

From where did you get your emerald eyes?
A little piece of a gorgeous rainbow
Just slipped into your smiling face.

Where did you get those soft arms and hands?
Love grew into gentle hooks and limbs
To touch a world that needed God’s care.

From whence your lovely smiles full of bliss?
A thousand angels smiled on you
As you sped through the cosmos to me.

Where did you get your charming roseate cheeks?
The sun shown brightly through fluffy clouds
As you gently landed on the earth.

How did all this beauty become you?
The heavens smiled down upon me
And bestowed a gift—you my daughter - 4 months back !!


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